Posted by: Billy Marsh | April 17, 2009

The Shack Posts Archive

My posts on The Shack are by far the most visited entries on my blog. Not only are they the most visited, but they also receive the most comments. I’m sure that I’m not the only Christian blogger who has posted against The Shack who has had this experience. As of right now, I don’t plan to write specifically on The Shack anymore, except for when its pops up every now and then as something pertaining to whatever else I’m writing at that time. I think that I’ve covered it sufficiently within the world of blogdom. A response to The Shack as a whole deserves a much larger treatment in book form.

I’ve noticed that Roger Olson has put out a book in defense of The Shack called Finding God in The Shack: Seeking Truth in a Story of Evil and Redemption. For those in the theological community, hearing Olson’s name attached to a defense of The Shack comes as no surprise. Olson is a professor at Baylor University and is what I’d call a liberal Christian; in addition, with respect to an issue that I never brought up in my critiques of The Shack, namely, that of God’s sovereignty and providence (which is something definitely contested in Young’s story/theology), Olson also fits the mold for writing this book insofar as he has authored several books defending Arminian theology. Perhaps at some point I’ll review this book and post on it as well. As for now, I’m taking a break.

I wanted to collect all of my posts on this book together into one post much like how I did my “Sojourner” series. In these posts you’ll find numerous different approaches to evaluating the book, including my official three-part systematic response, “The Shack Revisited“. Also, you should check out the comments on these posts where you’ll find great discussions I had with others on multiple levels concerning their dissatisfaction with my position. I’m sure there’s more engagement to come on these posts as people surf the blogs looking for a “Shack-hater” to rebuke. But that’s why I’ve written these warnings and caveats. I want to contend for the integrity of the gospel and to speak the truth in love. Likewise, as I’ve expressed before, I’ve made Francis Schaeffer’s motto my own as well. I have no reservations about giving honest answers to honest questions.


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