Posted by: Billy Marsh | May 18, 2009

McCarthy’s The Road Movie Trailer

I’m pretty excited about this movie. I’ve been waiting for a while for the studio to release the trailer, but for some reason it has been withheld despite the fact that the movie had been finished for some time. I first found out about the movie version of this book when I saw a theatrical promotional copy with Viggo Mortenson’s face on the front. Although there’s a few movies recently that I wish he hadn’t made, he’ll always be Aragorn to me. He is a tremendous actor who really embodies his roles. Anything with Viggo attached to it is going to get my attention.

The Road is the Putlitzer Prize winning book from Cormac McCarthy who is famous for his books that make up The Border Trilogy (All the Pretty Horses from this trilogy was also made into a movie some years ago) and the more recent work of his that went on to win the Oscar for Best Picture, No Country For Old Men. I have to give some credit to my buddy Ched Spellman (Says Simpleton is his blog) who is a McCarthy fan and who helped push me to read The Road. I bought a used copy of the book over Christmas Break and started reading it on a late Monday night on January 5, ’09. The next day I found myself devouring the book as I sat in Kim’s labor and delivery room, awaiting the arrival of my new son. I finished it a day after he was born. The movie isn’t coming out until October of this year, so please go and read the book first. You may say that you just don’t have the time. Believe me, you do have the time because McCarthy’s style and pace of the story will not allow you  to read this one slowly. I’m a very slow reader, but I couldn’t believe how quickly I was plowing through it. It’s the only McCarthy book I’ve read so far, but I’m going to change that soon. Check out the preview, I think this is going to be a powerful film in many ways.

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  1. The trailer looks intense.

    I’ll be interested in seeing the way they try to capture some of the eery wandering progression of the book.

    I think they give the wife a much bigger role in the film, and also the “cause” of the catastrophe (which is v. implicit in the book; on of its strengths).

    We should go see it together.

  2. Yeah, I really hope they find a way to catch that feel to the book. I also anxious to see how they represent the dialogue, since McCarthy’s style for this book wasted no words. From what I’ve read, I think the wife will be having a bigger role, but it will all be in flashbacks, so I guess they’ll up the amount of flashbacks he has compared to the book. I love how McCarthy never tells you exactly what happened. That way, the story remains about the Father and the son with the post-apocalyptic world in the backdrop. I loved reading it.

    By the time it comes out you’ll be a father, so maybe Kim and Leigh can hangout with the chillun’s while we indulge ourselves in a movie that could help us to be better fathers (that’s a way we could spin it).

  3. that’s a way we could spin it

    One small correction. That’s a great way we could spin it.

  4. What is going on here?

  5. nun ya

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