Posted by: Billy Marsh | May 30, 2009

Music that Needs Air II

Last spring I submitted a fun post called “Music that Needs Air“. You can visit it to see where this idea came from. Anyone who knows me in the least bit knows how much I love music. Kim is the one person who knows me best, and even she remains shocked by how much music I listen to.  A few nights ago she showed her skepticism regarding if I really do in fact listen to all of the music I continually accumulate, but I assured her that everything gets played at some point in time, though certain albums, songs, or artists/bands get put on the shelf for a while. It’s like an interview I saw of James Taylor about having to play his major “hits” all the time because those are the ones that the audience really comes out to see. He used “Carolina In My Mind” as an example, saying that you have to force yourself to put one or two away in the vault for a time or else they will lose their uniqueness and specialness (is that a word?). I have to do that as well from time to time, but when spring and fall come around, there are just certain songs that take on a new life with the weather. It is also the time to unpack some that have been put away for a period.

I’ve amassed quite a bit of new music since I wrote the first post last year, so I’d like to share a sampling of what I like to listen to going down the road with the windows rolled down or hanging around the house with the windows open. There’s also a few good songs on here that should be played at different times of the day like at that time when the sun is beginning to set or at night when you’re on your way home from somewhere, with the street lights flashing into the inside of your car, and you’re in no hurry to go anywhere. There’s also a version of Tom Petty’s  “Free Fallin” by John Mayer on here which is for Bret Rogers, who requested this song last year. It’s not Petty by no means, but Mayer does a good job of remaking it. I’ve tried to include as much Christian music on here that could find, but there are some secular songs on here as well. What I’ve also done different in this post is submit more than one song by the same artist/band. Let’s just face it; some people have a knack for writing these kind of songs. By default I have to give The Allman Brothers Band’s “Blue Sky” a repeat. This is probably one of my favorite songs of all time, and it is the perfect example of what a laid back song should be. Simple, brief lyrics, and a lot of lead guitar. You just can’t beat it, and they’re the best at it. As always, I want to hear what you think, and feel free to give some suggestions of your own. Also, I’ve made these songs available in my media player in the sidebar, but please do not download these tracks. If I see that the songs are being downloaded, I will have to remove the player.

Here they are in no particular order:

  • Blue Sky ~ The Allman Brothers Band from Eat a Peach
  • Til You’re Gone ~ The Gabe Dixon Band from The Gabe Dixon Band
  • Heart of Stone ~ Griffin House from Flying Upside Down
  • When the Time is Right ~ Griffin House from Flying Upside Down
  • One at a Time ~ Griffin House from House of David Vol. 1
  • Fire Escape ~ Gus Black from Autumn Days
  • Zion & Babylon ~ Josh Garrels from Jacaranda
  • Losing You ~ Robby Hecht from Late Last Night
  • New Year ~ Ben Shive from The Ill-Tempered Klavier
  • I Won’t Slow Down ~ All Together Separate from Unusual
  • Swing Wide the Glimmering Gates ~ Andrew Osenga from Letters to the Editor Vol. 1
  • Underneath & All Around ~ Chris Kasper from Flying Boy
  • Drifter ~ Decemberadio from Decemberadio
  • All This Time ~ Delirious? from The Mission Bell
  • See the World ~ Gomez from How We Operate
  • O Help My Unbelief ~ Indelible Grace (Andrew Osenga) from Wake Thy Slumbering Child
  • Rest of My Days ~ Indigenous from Circle
  • Spaceship ~ Jason Spooner from The Flame You Follow
  • Swing Down, Sweet Chariot ~ Jon Shirley from Hallelujah
  • Good Good End ~ Waterdeep from Heart Attack Time Machine
  • But For You Who Fear My Name ~ The Welcome Wagon from Welcome to the Welcome Wagon
  • Forget the Flowers ~ Wilco from Being There
  • When You Wake Up Feeling Old ~ Wilco from Summerteeth
  • Green Grass ~ Soul Sister Sally from Green Grass
  • Go Outside ~ Robbie Seay Band from Give Yourself Away
  • All Good Things ~ The Weepies from Hideaway
  • Beautiful You ~ Monk & Neagle from The Twenty-First Time
  • Head Over Heel ~ Sandra McCraken from Gravity Love
  • We’re All Dyin’ Tracey James ~ Don Chaffer & Waterdeep from Whole Nother’ Deal
  • Tonight I Want to Live in Your World ~ GlassByrd from Open Wide This Window
  • Night to Day ~ The Freddy Jones Band from Waiting for the Night
  • Free Fallin’ ~ John Mayer from Where The Light Is (Live in Los Angeles)


  1. Naturally I have to agree with “Blue Sky” but I would also add “Jessica”. I also like “Rest Of My Days”, makes me wish I still had those CD’s. I listened to the Wilco songs….I have to stick with my email!

  2. Yeah, Jessica could easily be on this list, but there aren’t many Allman Brothers tunes that couldn’t. You just can’t beat good ‘ol Southern Rock.

    As for Wilco, they’ve got a bunch of cd’s out and each one has its own sound ranging from alt. country to beach boys type music. They’re very innovative and are probably The Beatles of independent, artsy music. I like most of their stuff, but some of it is out there. Either way, I think it is safe that the spectrum of music that I listen to is a bit larger than yours, which is alright, but it’s not surprising that you disliked what you heard from Wilco.

  3. “Disliked” is a good bit stronger than my feeling toward what I heard. I could listen to them but what I’ve heard doesn’t make me want to hear more. I was going to check them out on emusic but they don’t have any of their stuff.

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