Posted by: Billy Marsh | June 29, 2009

Calvin: Prayer is Digging for Treasure

Truth for All Time ~ John CalvinI’m finding myself posting more and more quotes, but I can’t help it. I am constantly reading a wide variety of books and in each one, I stumble upon all kinds of good stuff that I want to share with others. This one stems from meditating a lot on prayer lately. In addition, our last Caregroup Leaders’ Meeting was centered on prayer, so it has been a continual topic on my mind. This selection is from John Calvin’s (very) small version of his Institutes of the Christian Religion called Truth for All Time. I love how he vividly shows our ignorance when we fail to seek the Lord in prayer. Our failure to pray betrays everything we know and believe about God. It’s not just that we lack discipline, but rather that in our actions we foolishly regard what is most valuable as not worth our time and effort. How heartbreaking of a reality. May it not be so.

To know that God is the Lord, to know that he invites us to ask him for what we need, and yet not to call on him and pray to him, is like knowing of a treasure hidden in the earth and, through indifference, to leave it there, without taking the trouble to dig it up (88).


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