Posted by: Billy Marsh | July 16, 2009

Top Christian Book of All Time

After reflecting upon the release of the Top 100 Books of All Time, I thought I’d see your thoughts on what should rank as #1, notwithstanding the Bible as the Top Christian Book of All Time. I came up with some potential candidates off the top of my head, but you can add your own entry in the “Other” option. Keep in mind, though, that we’re looking for a book that could be agreed upon widely, not just one from personal preference without some roots in Christian History. With that in mind, vote away!



  1. Pilgrim’s Progress is the second most published book in the world following the Bible. Bunyan has this won, hands down. :-)

  2. Yeah, Bunyan is going to be hard to beat. But I wonder what that says about the value of fiction or story for the Christian faith. Hmmm. See what you’re missing out on Mr. Rogers. Bunyan’s not the only masterpiece.

  3. I am sure something not so old will win it. Calvin’s Institutes or Bunyan are very good choices. the only truly old book that has a chance would be Augustine’s Confessions. But he is the father of th Reformation. Just joking but true.

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