Posted by: Billy Marsh | August 10, 2009

The Cost of Discipleship in India

Not the book, but rather the real deal.

As I read one of the persecuted church testimonies in my latest edition of the Voice of the Martyrs magazine, one quote really caught my attention. The story was about three women who were imprisoned for allowing Muslim children to attend their Christian Sunday School program. They served 2 years of a 3 year sentence, and when released, they continued their ministry by constructing a bunker 10 feet underground where they could host their SS in concealment. The VOM articles says, “Children who attend the class wear T-shirts that say, ‘Ready or Not, Jesus will come. I am ready. What about you?‘” Lukas, the husband of one of the women, declared, “In Indonesia Christians have to be extreme or we will turn into ice cream.” What a great word picture and stinging indictment! I’m sure that in comparison to believers such as these, even in my extremest moments, I am closer to ice cream than I am anything else.



  1. Great post. I think a lot of us are closer to ice cream than extreme.

    In the Western world, we tend to think of persecution as co-workers ridiculing us behind our backs or people making fun of our faith. I am certain that we truly have no idea how good we really have it.

    It is only by God’s grace that we have not had to pay the price that our courageous brothers and sisters in Christ in other parts of the world have had to pay. You remind us that we should stop to thank God for how good we have it……and to send out our heartfelt prayers for those who do not.

    Thanks for the great post.

    In Christ,


  2. Dear India:
    The ‘cost of Discipleship’ begins first in seeing if you are rooted and grounded in the WORD of God–heart. In order to take the journey, seek first the kingdom of heaven, prayerfully, that the Lord permit you to sourjourn. Without the ‘comforter’ let it not be in vein in what you set out to do what you think is the way but wait on the calling that you may withstand the wiles of evil forces that devour. The Holy Spirit is the protector, shield of salvation, only, through Jesus Christ who has given word that “I am the door”. Suffering for the cost of discipleship is God’s glory as he was glorified from the cross and as brother Stephen replied, not ‘Lord Save me’ but “Lord forgive them for they know not what they do”. Reflect on the three Hebrew boys in the furnace as Christ was there with them even moreso, read, meditate (kjv) on Isaiah 8:16&Isaiah62:2-3& John 8:31-32 for God ordained ‘disciples’ their posiion giving all power into the hands of his only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) “hear ye him’.
    The ‘Cost of Discipleship’ is building with one hand and fending with sword in the other hand. That’s God’s glory and the declaration of victory.

    Persecution is God’s glory, put in prison, poverty, all, is his as Apostle Paul proclaims, ‘I count it all joy when I fall into diverse manifolds”.

    That Disciple of Christ in the body of Christ
    led by the Holy Spirit.

  3. PS
    A Great Sound from Heaven

    I met a man who knew Jesus
    Who wanted nothing but to follow Jesus
    Who lived the life in front of others
    Who did not allow a single wedge between him
    his Lord, his household or to stop serving the master
    In silence, always prayed
    of wisdom he gave to his children
    his wife and blessed before he left this life
    making nothing but ‘Disciples of Christ’.

    Confirmed before Us and all–Christ
    sent the chariot that rode by the house
    to carry him to and welcome him in
    the home revealed by the life he lived.
    “come on” he shouted once again repeated
    a warm kiss given on the cheek
    to this day is our little secret.

    ‘Another Disciple has come this way’
    inscribed on the headstone of thier grave.

    It happened

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