Posted by: Billy Marsh | February 12, 2010

God, Revelation, and Authority: A “Master” Table of Contents

I have the sneaking suspicion that this post will not interest everyone. It’s really more or less only an announcement for a resource that I’m making available on my blog for those who might find it helpful. Last year I purchased Carl F. H. Henry’s six-volume magnum opus that stands as a pillar for conservative evangelical theology: God, Revelation, and Authority. The structure of the work is like none other. This makes it difficult to even know what each individual volume contains. It always takes me a ton of time to flip through each volume searching for which one will best meet my interest or research need.

Henry’s work is very original and creative which is both a blessing and a burden. It’s a blessing because he touches on a ton of different topics by an evangelical scholar that is still unparalleled. It’s a burden because his originality follows its own path over the course of six volumes. This dynamic has kept me from utilizing his work as I wish, which is disappointing because I want to engage Henry and lean upon him every chance I get for two reasons: First, he is envisioned as the sole reason evangelicalism lived to see another day in the 20th century, and second, he was a Southern Baptist. He stands in my theological and denominational tradition and has written extensively and authoritatively in many of my fields of interest such as the doctrine of Scripture, theological method, Christ and culture, and so on. So, to help myself, and hopefully others, I’ve drafted a “Master” Table of Contents into a downloadable pdf document. I hope for those of you who are interested in Henry and his six-volume masterpiece find this a means to engaging him more efficiently and frequently.



  1. Thanks, Billy! I know this is an older post, but this is a very helpful document. Along with J. Gresham Machen and Gordon Clark, Henry is one of the most profound Christian thinkers of the 20th century. I have only read part of his work, but it is on my list to study. Thanks for this study help!

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