Posted by: Billy Marsh | June 24, 2010

Andrew Peterson: Counting Stars

It’s hard for me to admit, but due to this past year’s schedule, I have spent very little time on the internet which has in turn kept me all but ignorant concerning Andrew Peterson’s new album Counting Stars. I must, nevertheless, get at least one promo-post in before the record hits the shelves on July 27. Honestly, I know very little about it other than what Peterson discusses in the video below. As you can tell from my “post” history, not only have I not exactly been keeping up with my blog as I used to, but I’m out of touch with the entire blogosphere in general.

Right now there is a single out from the album called “The Reckoning” which gives cause to be excited about the rest of the set list. You can download/sample it on Amazon or iTunes. I also love the cover artwork which is something on which Peterson always delivers. It has that scent of the ancient faith which sails upon the deep waters of the world where the knowledge and presence of God have been considered. No wasted space in his production or presentation. The picture of the boat at sea with the stars in the silhouette paints the same romantic and poetic scene that you will find in all of Peterson’s work. I hope you will give the single a listen and check out the video below. My anticipation is growing, and I can’t wait to hear what God is doing in Counting Stars and how he will use it in my life.

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