Posted by: Billy Marsh | July 12, 2010

Pre Order Andrew Peterson’s Counting Stars

This is a pre-order special like I’ve never seen. Click here to visit the “Pre-Order Counting Stars” webpage where you can find all of the many ways you can go about purchasing Andrew Peterson’s new album. Some of the options come with an autographed CD, digital download of the album, extra tracks, music videos, a documentary, t-shirts, concert tickets, and even the opportunity to sit down and talk with Peterson over coffee in the year 2010. They, of course, ascend in price as the amenities are packed on. Alas, despite my love for Peterson’s music and artistry, I believe this fan-boy will only get to take advantage of the cheapest offer which includes getting the CD mailed a week ahead of its release date, download of an extra track, and free shipping. It’s still a great deal. I hope that some of you will listen to me this time if you haven’t heeded any of my words in the past regarding the great necessity of acquiring Peterson’s music. Also at the link above you can sample every song from Counting Stars. It sounds a little bit more on the folkish side from what I can tell. More akin to Love and Thunder than Resurrection Letters. Can’t wait!!



  1. Andrew I have been a fan for years now and I have to say that this recent blitz of mass market consumerism has made my heart sad. :-(

    When did your name and God’s work become such marketable commodities? I must have missed this transition somewhere.

    6 different download “tiers”?

    It just doesn’t seem like the Andrew Peterson that I “know” from the words of the music. The surrendered poet. The wordsmith. The humble man of God.

    I bought 2 copies and so I stand guilty of supporting the Andrew Media machine…and I’m sure the screeners will keep this message from ever reaching you…but I write it just the same. Out of concern and out of love my brother.

    ad maiorem Dei gloriam-


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