Posted by: Billy Marsh | September 15, 2010

Christ: The Heaven of His People

On preaching about the redeemed of heaven, 19th century Bishop Charles McIlvaine wrote in his treatise, Preaching Christ, these moving words:

There is a chilling effect of many books and sermons on that subject–so much generality, so little about what the Scriptures place so far above all; so much made of the subordinate and accessory features, the pastures and the flowers of the heavenly land, and so little of the Sun that gives them all their beauty and life; as if you should speak of the garden of Eden, and make more of what God planted than of the presence and communion of God therein, not remembering what Paradise in all its beauty became to man when that communion was withdrawn (38).

Christ is carefully to be preached as being himself, in his glory and communion, the heaven of his people (38).

Ask the way to heaven, we say, Christ. Ask where heaven is, we say, where Christ is. Ask what heaven is, we answer, what Christ is (38).


  1. This is a good reminder and a great way to articulate it.

    Christ is our only hope, then and now.

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