Posted by: Billy Marsh | September 25, 2010

Christian Albums You May Not Ever Hear About

~ To Be Loved ~ Thad Cockrell – Cockrell is a former Liberty University and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary student. If you’re into the “alt-country” genre (e.g. Ryan Adams and the Cardinals, Son Volt, “early” Wilco), then you’ll like the feel of this one. Cockrell has the country heartbreak vocals down to a “T”. He uses this gift to communicate the deep yearnings of the soul for God rather than the lyin’, lovin,’ and cheatin’ that his sound is usually associated with. There is a mixture of modern eclectic sounds here as well as semblances of old tyme gospel tunes. This record has quickly become one of my fav’s for 2010. ~

~ Welcome to the Welcome Wagon ~ The Welcome Wagon – Though the album looks like it’s from the 70s, The Welcome Wagon’s first release is only a few years old. This band is a husband and wife duo. The husband is a Presbyterian minister in NY City (if I’m remembering rightly). They are close friends with the king of indie music, Sufjan Stevens, and have played and toured with him in the past. Stevens actually produced this record, and if you’re familiar with his music, you can definitely see his hand on it from beginning to end. It is a relaxing set, but towards the end it seems to get weaker. The songs, however, are confessionally Christian and it has a poetic lyrical style. They also do a wonderful job of incorporating different Scripture verses into their songs. This is a unique one and is for those who like Stevens and the currently reigning indie (quirky) sound. ~

~Rue Royale ~ Rue Royale – I can’t remember exactly how I stumbled onto Rue Royale. It had to have been during some extensive browsing on emusic. Anyways, this group is also a husband/wife pairing. The tone is a little bit more solemn and contemplative than Welcome Wagon. The songs keep a steady rhythm from beginning to end, and in effect, they hypnotically draw you in. The lyrics are thoughtful and creative. For instance, “Lunacy” takes its cue from the classic C. S. Lewis notion that Jesus was either a madman or he was who he said he was. It also paints the gospel this way. There is a yearning laced throughout this entire album; a yearning for the struggle of this life to be over and find its peace in final deliverance. They take a very stripped down approach with few instruments beyond layered guitars and some percussion. Their voices match up well and their melodies are soothing. I keep this one playing in the background a lot of times whether we’re eating or I’m doing homework. ~



  1. I found your site by accident today, pushed buttons to see what’s what, and enjoyed what I’ve seen so far.

    On your page about Christian albums I see some I may like; i will need to buy these records somewhere. My wife and I have not played music (radio or records/cds) in our home because she’s deaf in one ear and more loss than we cared for in her other. (Any excess noise disorientates her).

    Now she’s gone. I looking for music to play in my apartment but I try to be careful with what I buy. Most I’ve bought recently I’ve thrown or given away because I do not like loud noise, especially when it over-rides the vocals. The lyrics were usually on the mark biblically, but not the sounds (to me).

    Would you have a list that I may try to start with that be mellow or light jazz or light blues with godly songs, biblically accurate songs in them? I cannot afford to toss or give away used cd’s or records because I’m on a limited income (ssi).

    If you can send me a short e-mail with suggestions that be useful and edifying.

    Thank you.

    /s/ Robert White

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