Posted by: Billy Marsh | March 8, 2011

Dual Citizens: Almost the Book I Want(ed) to Write

The feeling when I saw this book was bittersweet. On the one hand, I was glad to see that someone has published a work on Christian spirituality that focuses upon the sojourner/pilgrim motif. On the other hand, I was disheartened because I wasn’t the author. I knew that if I didn’t jump on this project soon, someone else was going to do it for me. After sampling the book, it seems that Stellman and I are for the most part after the same thing, but if there’s any ray of hope for my own publication, it is that his presentation and outline is quite different from the approach that I would take. His contribution is definitely more “hip” than mine would be. Stowed away in my own personal files, I have rough outlines for a book on a pilgrim approach to Christian living. The structure follows more of an expositional route based off of Hebrews 11:13-16. One thing that is interestingly unique about Stellman’s book is that he devotes an entire part to showing how this motif impacts Christian corporate worship. I expect that that section is full of profitable insight regarding the Church’s identity and how it plays itself out when a local body gathers to worship God. At the least, in a world that seems to cherish diversity, maybe there’s still room for the “Billy Marsh” version of this book yet?

  • Click here or on the image above to visit Dual Citizens’ page at WTS’ bookstore where you can sample some the pages and watch a couple of promotional videos with the author, Jason Stellman.


  1. Looks profitable.

    “His contribution is definitely more “hip” than mine would be.”

    You’ll always drip with hip in my book, Billy.

    Side Question: How many “books I plan to write outlines” do you have?

  2. How many “books I plan to write outlines” do you have?

    I have many. I also a running sheet for book ideas/titles when they come to me. My goal is to have an entire shelf devoted to the works of Billy Marsh in the Ched Spellman library. Hard copies that is, not digital.)

  3. Dude, I’ve already got your section marked out!

    Besides, I’ve been keeping my own “Ideas I stole from B. Marsh” file for future use anyway, so keep feeding me your literary prototypes.

  4. I did a wordpress search for “christian books” and your post came up. Thanks for writing about this book. I definitely want a copy! The “already but not yet” aspect of our salvation seems to be a neglected teaching that many believers don’t quite grasp…and I think this lack of understanding has led to a variety of problems in evangelicalism.

  5. Somehow I missed this post. Don’t fret, many times I have been surprised by something someone else did first that was in my plans and everytime it always worked out. If the Lord has put in your heart to do, then he will lead you to create something that is unique to you. No time like the present to start!

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