Posted by: Billy Marsh | March 22, 2011

The Hobbit is Under Way!

I read yesterday that filming for The Hobbit movies has finally begun! The project has suffered major setbacks over the years, but now has come full circle. Thankfully, though I’m sure Del Toro would have done a great job putting his own spin on Middle Earth, no one should be directing these films other than Peter Jackson, especially if many of the original cast and screenwriters are returning. It would be like someone other than George Lucas making a Star Wars movie (regardless of whether or not the new ones are good or bad, it’s his territory).

The Hobbit is to be a two-movie production which, obviously, covers Tolkien’s book The Hobbit, and in addition, includes a lot of background and transitional story-telling setting the stage for The Fellowship of the Ring. I’m anxious to see how Jackson plans to pull this off and the two movies still feel connected since The Hobbit is a very self-contained story that technically was not meant to be a “prequel” per se to The Lord of the Rings. If anything’s meant to be a “prequel” to The Lord of the Rings it’s The Silmarillion. Nevertheless, I know it’s going to be great, mainly because the people who are leading it have already proven three times over their excellence, and the source material (Tolkien’s writings) that they have to work with is some of history’s greatest literary contributions.

Click here to visit (or stay in touch with) the official blog for The Hobbit movies.

These on-set photos were officially released by Jackson in promotion of the beginning of the production of the new movies. Check out the one at the bottom which is from the beginning of The Lord of the Rings franchise. Jackson is barely recognizable from his old self.



  1. wow! i can’t believe how different he looks! this is so exciting about the movie!! i might have to be sure to be out in Texas to watch it with you like how I used to drive up to Greenville to watch the LOTR movies with you when they were coming out.

    miss you, brother!

  2. Yeah, he shed the weight off. Yeah, come on our to Texas and watch it. Maybe they’ll release it on the IMAX?! However, I can’t promise any all-nighters like the ol’ days. Big bro’ is getting old. Those were good times though, especially for The Return of the King.

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