Top 5 Albums

These are the most influential albums in my life in terms of how they affected my spiritual growth with respect to what exactly God was doing to me at those certain periods of my life. For instance, Steven Curtis Chapman’s Signs of Life got me through early high school especially songs like “Free” and “Hold on to Jesus” by drawing me closer to him through rootsy music that was God-centered and called for serious discipleship.

However, though these are the most influential on my life with relation to my spiritual growth, there are just as many other albums that have affected me tremendously concerning how I look at music and even more so, guitar playing. (some examples of these would be Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon,  The Dave Matthews Band’s live album Listener Supported, and Sufjan Stevens’ Illinoise).

  1. Signs of Life by Steven Curtis Chapman – Signs of Life

  2. Jesus Freak by DCTalk –                              Jesus Freak

  3. Scribbling in the Sand by Michael Card –   Scribbling in the Sand

  4. Storm by Fernando Ortega –                       Storm

  5. The Far Country by Andrew Peterson –    The Far Country



  1. Jesus Freak was probably my favorite album of any genre of all time….good selection…

  2. None of the above!

    Of “Christian” albums, only, roughly these:
    1) Shotgun Angel – Daniel Amos (1977)
    2) Flyaway – Nutshell (c.1978)
    3) Ping Pong Over the Abyss – 77s (1982)
    4) Doppleganger – Daniel Amos (1982)
    5) Darn Floor, Big Bite – Daniel Amos (1988)
    Mostly listen to classical and what might be termed “alternative”, ELO, Feist, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Enya, Idle Race, John Michael Talbot, Jamie Soles, Jewel, Neal Morse, Rick Wakeman, Loreena McKennitt, etc.

    I like to think – as per your recent post – that I am engaging the music; but, I usually feel so woefully inadequate (musically illiterate, esp. w/classical).

    PS: I really can’t stand most CCM – and agree with most of Camp’s views – but don’t even listen to his stuff!

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