These resources are mostly papers that I have written in the past year for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. I do not claim that any of them are worth reading nor should be read. However, I am aware that some of you enjoy reading my papers, and this will cut down on the emails with a bunch of attachments tagged on to them.

This resource will also be available for those of you interested in the subjects that I have written on as well as an example of how I format and write papers for the academic circle. Feel free to comment on any of them. Hopefully, I will upload more of my papers in the near future, maybe even some from college. Still, the older they get, the worse they are to me. So, I won’t be putting some on here due to the fact that I’m not into embarrassing myself as a hobby.

You can’t access them here. Scoll down and look at the sidebar on the right. You’ll come to a category called “Resources”. Inside that category are two subcategories: “About” and “Resources”. Under “Resources,” you will find the research paper links. In addition, there is currently links to some of my Sunday School lessons and two lists of my book recommendations. Thanks and Enjoy.



  1. Do you have sermons by email or newsletter?
    Bro. Terry Benton

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